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Zero Emission Mining Cerfiticate

The so-called mining of cryptocurrencies is a fundamental part of Web 3.0. Crypto mining is a verification and currency creation process that is essential to the Bitcoin ecosystem. Powerful computers compete to process transactions, solving complex mathematical problems that require quintillions of calculations per second. As a reward for this authentication process, miners receive new Bitcoins, which provides a financial incentive to keep the computers running.

Cryptomining, however, has been criticised - and rightly so. The power consumption of the high-performance computers used to generate the blockchain is enormous. If fossil fuels like coal or gas are used, it would hardly be justifiable.  

The CTCAP Group comes from the renewable energy sector. We have developed wind farms and built photovoltaic plants. For us, it is therefore a matter of course that our mining facilities are also powered by renewable energy.

Zero emission mining means that no environmentally harmful emissions are produced during the operation of the cryptomining facility and that 100% of the energy consumed comes from renewable sources.

Of course, zero emission mining does not yet include the full ecological footprint of cryptomining. The hardware has to be produced and transported. Just as with our wind energy or photovoltaic plants, whose operation is emission-free, emissions of various kinds are generated there during production and recycling. Therefore, zero emission mining only refers to the greenhouse gases emitted during the operation of the cryptomining facility. Production, transport and disposal are excluded. However, we are already working on making this part of the life cycle as CO2-neutral as possible.

We can certify this by proving in a verification process that the complete capacity of the mining hardware is powered entirely by electricity from renewable sources. For this purpose, the entire hardware and its electricity consumption must be assessed and validated, and the electricity contract must then be audited. If the audit shows that the operation is fully covered by the electricity contract and the source of the electricity is wind energy, photovoltaic, hydropower or similar, then we award the credential certified Zero Emission Mining.Would you like to learn more or have your cryptomining facility certified?
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