Über Uns

The future is our daily business.

When we founded the CTCAP Group, we had a clear vision. We wanted to bundle our many years of industry know-how and create something entirely new. A profit-oriented company completely based on renewable energy. Not a contradiction for us. On the contrary. Today, we are successfully proving that it works. Because renewable energy is not a future dream for us, it is our daily business.

Our vision by no means ends with what we have achieved. We have been able to win over two experienced digital specialists who will expand our potential many times over. Together, we are already developing new ideas and designing future projects. To cut a long story short:

We are already tapping into business areas that others have not recognized yet.

Das Management

Dr. Arne Scheschonk
Managing Partner
Kristian Schachlewitz
Managing Partner
Steven Davis
Chief Information Officer
Konrad Gulla
Chief Innovation Officer
Dan Nommensen
Chief Product Officer

Renewable Energy


Real Estate